2023 recap

As the year draws to a close, it’s a perfect moment to reflect on the incredible milestones achieved by TitanBorn. From its rebranding in August to the vibrant community of tens of thousands of members it has cultivated, TitanBorn is finally starting to make serious waves in the gaming world.

Relaunching as TitanBorn: A New Chapter

August marked a pivotal moment as the game transformed into the TitanBorn title. This rebranding was not just a change in name but a leap towards a more immersive and captivating gaming experience.

The change of scale in TitanBorn’s narrative and identity follows the raising of the bar for our ambitions and plans for the project.

Playable Alpha-Demo: A Glimpse into the Action

With the launch of our playable alpha-demo, players were able to dive headfirst into the thrilling arena of TitanBorn. This sneak peek into the game’s mechanics and dynamics set the stage for everything that was (and is) to come.

We remain committed to communicating our ideas about the game to the community through concrete steps and feeling our way to success. This makes TitanBorn stand out from competitors in the world of blockchain gaming.

Continuous Evolution: Growing Content and Modes

The commitment to improvement shone through with permanent game updates introducing various modes – from the intense PvP battles to the PvE practice mode and finally the engaging Missions mode. Additionally, the addition of numerous items and content pieces elevated the gaming experience, offering players an ever-expanding universe to explore along with the peek into the narrative we’re laying the groundwork for.

TitanBorn inventory

Community Milestones: A Testament to Support

The heart of TitanBorn lies within its community, and the numbers speak volumes. Surpassing 50,000 followers across Discord, Telegram, and Twitter signifies the widespread enthusiasm and support for the game. The end of the year finds us with a strong and healthy community engaged in many activities we prepare and most importantly – engaged with the demo of TitanBorn through our (now) regular championships and otherwise.

Gameplay Metrics: A Testimony of Engagement

With over 150,000 matches played and more than 8,000 individuals diving into the TitanBorn universe since August, the game has undeniably captured the attention of gamers worldwide.
The only way to go from here – is up.

Competitive Spirit: Leaderboard Tournaments and Prizes

The competitive edge of TitanBorn was amplified through three thrilling seasons of Leaderboard tournaments, each boasting a whopping $1000 Prize pool. This not only fueled the competitive spirit but also rewarded the dedication of the players. The rewards were fine tuned to reward excellence and in-game prowess while also not leaving behind the newcomers and less experienced gamers.

TitanBorn leaderboard

Bug fixing and patching exploits also marked these events – at least on our end. In the end, we managed to make everything run pretty smoothly and fairly and we definitely learned a lesson or two that we plan to take into 2024. On to even fairer and more robust championship experiences!

Building Bridges: Partnerships and Collaborations

Collaborations with prominent projects, blockchains like Polygon and SKALE, as well key opinion leaders like Cryptostache and guilds like Catalyst Guild and others have strengthened TitanBorn’s position in the blockchain gaming landscape. These partnerships have enriched the game’s ecosystem, offering players new opportunities and experiences while helping to grow the community through project exposure.

Community Dynamics: A Vibrant Discord Family

Beyond the game itself, the vibrant and active Discord community has become a hub of interaction, where players share strategies, memes and gameplay videos, take part in fun and competitive events, and celebrate their passion for TitanBorn.

Embracing the Metis Chain: The Birth of $TITANS

At the end of the year, TitanBorn finally stepped into the world of blockchain with the launch of $TITANS on the Metis chain. This game token marks a pivotal moment in the game’s journey, providing a bridge between its gaming community and the thriving blockchain ecosystem. $TITANS token offers players new opportunities for ownership, rewards, and engagement within the Metis chain and sets the stage for a more immersive and interconnected gaming experience, paving the way for exciting developments and possibilities on the horizon for 2024. If you are reading this – you are early. Get your $TITANS now!

Check out this brief guide if you need more help.

As the year comes to an end, our journey continues to be a testament to dedication, passion, and innovation. Looking ahead, the horizon holds endless possibilities for our game that has captured the hearts of thousands.

We sincerely thank the many thousands of you who support us and can’t wait to bring you the finished product.
Cheers to an incredible year, and here’s to the adventures that await in the coming chapters of TitanBorn!