Demo Update

For those of you in our community who regularly follow our Dev Diaries and social media, things can get a little blurry. As game developers, we always try to provide a constant stream of improvements and updates, but we know sometimes it can be hard to have an overall understanding of how far along we are.

To that effect, this article is a brief summary of our work so far, ahead of a big demo update that’s coming on Monday. Finally, you will be able to play with everything we’ve worked on, test the game, provide your feedback and, most importantly, have fun!

Without further ado, here are some major elements:

  • Weapons
  • Attributes
  • Animations
  • Effects
  • And more…
  • Coming This Monday


This was the first major crossroads. As many of you know, when we started building Battle of Olympus, it was pure one-to-one brawling without any weapons. When we discussed introducing weapons into the game, it initially took our team some time to wrap our head around the idea, but we soon accepted it and understood it would add another layer of fun and value for all our community.

By introducing weapons, we brought in more gameplay elements, allowing gamers to now strategize and execute novel epic moves.

Battle of Olympus sword

Of course, we aren’t introducing all weapons in this update, but you are getting the feel of the direction of the game and how far along in the production we are. Don’t worry, we’ll bring more goodies in another version.


This is pretty basic stuff, but as you know, we are still iterating, introducing, or removing elements as we see fit. Right now, this is where we’re at with regards to some basic fighter attributes.

The Health Points attribute represents the amount of damage that a fighter or NPC can take before being defeated. It is a crucial attribute in any combat game and factors such as weapons, armor, and abilities can affect it.

The Energy Points attribute represents a character’s ability to perform special moves and abilities during combat. It can be depleted by using these moves and abilities, and it can be replenished over time or by performing specific actions such as defeating an opponent.

The Attack Power attribute represents how much damage a character can deal to opponents during combat. It is affected by factors such as weapons, abilities, and upgrades. Attack Power is a key factor in determining a player’s success in combat.


Besides introducing weapons, most of our developers’ work went into the animation. Let’s be honest, you want more combos, we want more combos, everybody wants more combos, so you’re getting more combos.

Again, not ALL combos will be live at once. Like any indie game, we must keep working, but this update brings an expanded pool of both combos and animations, like dodge or grab. This update, however, accurately reflects our latest approach and direction.



We are still working on elements like debuffs and damage-over-time, but we are ready to introduce the visual elements and see how they vibe with you. We’ll keep crunching the numbers until the next demo update. In the meantime, enjoy the eye candy.

And more…

We don’t want to overdo it here, so we’ll keep it short and sweet, but to briefly mention other things: UI rework, improved hit timings, pushback effect, new sounds, character & weapon outline, and a few small details like mapping the actual controls so that you can actually play the game – you know, the small stuff.

And finally, to get some perspective:

This was Battle of Olympus almost exactly 1 year ago…

This is where we are now.

Coming This Monday

And the best part is you get to see all of this on Monday. We’ll blast the announcement on all our channels, so whether you are in our Discord or follow us on Twitter – we’ll make sure you know.

We have some very exciting things lined up for post-release promotion, so stay tuned for that, too.

In the meantime,

See you in Olympus!