Today we are discussing Zeus, the ancient Greek god of thunder and one of the protagonists of our play-and-earn game, Battle of Olympus. Having chosen Greek mythology as one of the main themes of our project, it was necessary to include Zeus and talk about his character first. If you, like us, are a fan of myths get ready to be inspired by Battle of Olympus. Without further ado, introducing Zeus, ruler, protector, and father of all gods and humans!

Olympus, city of gods and anger

The city of Olympus has been beset by storms for many weeks. Lightning tears apart the sky and destroys the neon lights of its once-vibrant streets. Cars that dare to fly too high are quickly shot down. Something has angered the god of thunder and people say not even Hera has his ear anymore. He has shut himself in his high tower and, from there, rages endlessly. People say he has traded justice for whim and law for sheer power. These days, he is only ever seen when he goes out to fight a contender, be it other gods or mortals who dare challenge him.

Zeus in Greek mythology

In Greek mythology, Zeus is the god of the sky and thunder. He was often depicted as a king and considered the ruler of the gods, humanity, and all creation. In addition, he was also the father of several other gods, including Ares, Artemis, and Athena, all of which are characters in Battle of Olympus. Armed with his iconic thunderbolt, Zeus not only dominated the weather, but was also associated with justice, order, and fate, which is why royalty and nobles worshiped him. A hero of war and the fearless leader of the Olympians, Zeus conquered Olympus by defeating his father, Chronos, and the rest of the Titans.

Zeus in Battle of Olympus

Lightning is Zeus’ major feature and his exclusive power in Battle of Olympus. He channels his fury and delivers devastating shocks with his special moves. He can zap his opponents, stunning them up close, but can also throw lightning bolts from a distance. If you are playing as Zeus, wield the power of the thunderbolt to strike down those who stand in your path. If you happen to be the sky god’s foe, prepare yourself to dodge his deadly blows.

In Battle of Olympus, Zeus’ kit is versatile and flashy, making him fun to play but challenging to master. He is a well-rounded menace in the arena and charges his challengers relentlessly. Not letting him set the pace and grind you down with his powerful blows is the key to surviving Zeus.

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About Battle of Olympus

Built on a play-and-earn model, Battle of Olympus is a cyberpunk arcade-style fighting game set in the futuristic city Olympus. Conquer your rivals and grow your followers to become the next leader of the gods. Choose to play for free or mint your NFT to progress through the story, compete in PVP battles, and rise to the top of Olympus.