Battle of Olympus - The Fighting Arena

The fighting arena and its design are the key element of all fighting games. Because Battle of Olympus will feature a fleshed-out PvE gameplay, we had to carefully think about various aspects of level design. Our vision for Battle of Olympus combines various elements from several types of games, so it’s best we first describe the high concept.

The High Concept

On the one hand, the game’s aesthetic and story is important to us. On the other hand, it’s a fighting game, so we run the risk of turning it into a mish mosh of styles and concepts. To stay true to the fundamentals, we decided to divide Olympus into 7 districts. These will include high-rise tech areas, Shinjuku-style administrative zones, toxic slums of the undercity etc. Each of them is a unique piece of Olympus, coming with their own quirks and telling a part of the city’s story.

Battle of Olympus District Concept Art

A district in Olympus – concept art

Each district will be further divided into 6 areas that will be equally split between the two warring factions of gods. Depending on the player’s mastery of the game, they may take on the tougher gods in their sanctums. But facing off against gods is far from simple. They will not fight just any challenger; they only take notice of those who prove their worth in battle.

Therefore, you will have to trudge through about 10 street blocks of each district, fighting various followers of gods, thugs, and fulfilling missions. At the end, the god’s champion will be the only adversary standing between you and your final boss challenge. Once you have proven your worth and strength, a god or goddess will appear to (try to) crush you, the mortal challenger.

The Fighting Arena

Each of the streets in the area represents a fighting arena. They will be different every time you enter them, but thematically appropriate with tactical fights that differ from mission to mission. Slums will not have the same enemies or missions as the starport, nor will they look the same. Each of these missions and maps will tell a piece of the larger story.

Once you have completed enough of these levels and all your enemies lie in the dust, you will reach the god in their sanctum, a specially designed arena tailored to each god.

Defeating a god will yield magnificent rewards, but entire factions will be eligible for special periodic rewards depending on which team dominates Olympus at the time. Those who achieve victory more often will secure the most splendid boons from their gods.

Battle of Olympus will not lack variety in terms of gameplay and visual elements. Maps will be procedurally generated and missions will be somewhat randomized. As such, mastering your fighting styles is the only way to ensure victory. The gods will be a particularly difficult opponent, so the clashes that come before them will serve as a much-needed warmup and pathway to growth for all players.