This Week In Revenant - Dec 18 - 22


If you haven’t already, we’d like you to hop on over into our discord and our social media pages and share your thoughts and suggestions. You can follow the game development progress on the TitanBorn social media, and be sure to join the conversation in our Discord as well! There is a steady stream of game development updates waiting for you there, as well as regular community activities.

Season 3 is half way there. Lots of new players have flowed in and the competition is tougher than ever before. Good luck!

  • Friday, December 22, 2023
    • TitanBorn – Dev Diary #17

Coming This Week


We’ve been quiet for a few weeks, but with a good reason! Between bugfixing during season 3 and building amazing new game elements, we had to keep our head down and work. But now we are ready to unveil what we’ve been working on. On Friday, we’ll present a menu rework, new effects, and one super secret game-changing (literally) element.