This Week In Revenant - Dec 25 - 29


If you haven’t already, we’d like you to hop on over into our discord and our social media pages and share your thoughts and suggestions. You can follow the game development progress on the TitanBorn social media, and be sure to join the conversation in our Discord as well! There is a steady stream of game development updates waiting for you there, as well as regular community activities.

Merry Christmas! It’s the last week of year – that means it’s time to look back at what we’ve accomplished and see how far we’ve come and how close we are to our goals. Season 3 is almost done, too, so we hope you’ll spend the next few days grinding hard and battling it out in the arena. Keep your eyes on the prize!

  • Friday, December 29, 2023
    • 2023 Recap article

Coming This Week


Lots of cool stats to share and milestones to brag about. The state of the game is better than it has ever been and our plans for 2024 are very ambitious. We’ll talk about it all on Friday!