This week in Revenant - September 11-15


Our first TitanBorn championship has been mind-blowing. Tens of thousands of matches, lots of kinks beaten out of the game and all around much great time! It was the best way to showcase the latest TitanBorn features and we plan to keep doing this. Season 2 is coming soon…

If you haven’t already, we’d like you to hop on over into our discord and our social media pages and share your thoughts and suggestions. You can follow the game development progress on TitanBorn social media, and be sure to join the conversation in our Discord as well! There is a steady stream of game development updates waiting for you there, as well as regular community activities.

  • Wednesday, September 13, 2023
    • Revenant article “Why gamers must give blockchain gaming a chance”
  • Thursday, September 14, 2023
    • TitanBorn – Dev Diary #13
    • TitanBorn – Season 1 recap
  • Saturday, September 16, 2023
    • Game Night on our Discord server at 7 PM CET

Coming This Week


Web2 gamers are a huge audience and market, but the giants of the industry are obviously underdelivering for various reasons. Perhaps it’s time for them to look to other, greener pastures. Perhaps it’s time to consider alternatives spearheaded by enthusiastic independent studios. On Wednesday, we are extending an open hand to them saying: “Things could be so much better.”


Dev Diary #13 is on its way. Spooky number but very good news! More details on the next update coming this Thursday.

Season 1 recap article is an opportunity for us to really look back on the event as a community and see it for what it is through facts and numbers – a testament to our unstoppable growth.


Come hang out with us and lets have some fun after a hard week’s work! Our traditional Game Night takes place at 7 PM in our Discord server.