TitanBorn Dev Diary 18

Welcome to the TitanBorn Dev Diary, a series dedicated to giving the community a behind-the-scenes look into the process of creating a game from the perspective of the game developers.

In Dev Diary #18, we’ll tell you all about what we’ve been building for the past 2 few weeks:

  • New Perspective, New Tweaks…
  • We Welcome Our New AI Overlords
  • Special Moves in the 3D Environment
  • Dodge This, Dodge That
  • Coming up next…

New Perspective, New Tweaks…

Turns out converting a 2D gameplay into a 3D one is a tad difficult.

Light works differently, UI suddenly feels weird, effects are all wrong… it’s a whole kerfuffle!

So we sat down and got to work – what else? Were we going to say no to making TitanBorn even more epic? Heck naw.

TitanBorn’s 3D gameplay update also featured the following quality of life touches:

  • We’ve improved lighting and shaders to optimize performance. Your GPUs can thank us later.
  • Menu UI got a little cluttered with all the things we were adding so we revisited the concept and cleaned it up. Side benefit: adding new pages should now be easier!
    • 3D Menu
  • Fixed lighting and character display in the main menu.
  • Fixed some minor issues on the inventory screen. The kind of issues caused by vague and seemingly unrelated things. The kind of issues that cause overtime. The kind of issues you lose sleep over. The kind of issues…
    • Okay, we’re back on track, breathing to 10. Zen moment. In our lane, flourishing, unbothered, moisturized…
  • Rarity colors on inventory screen are now displaying as intended.
    • 3D Inventory

Now that we look back at it, it was mostly about colors and lighting… huh.

We Welcome Our New AI Overlords!

Calm down guys, the AI is not taking over…

*check notes*


This is just an improvement to keep you guys on the edge and prepare for the coming tournament. As the community skill cap grows, so should the AI to accurately reflect what a player will encounter in the arena! AI should now respond to your gameplay in a better, more challenging way.

We don’t have any visuals to show right now, but expect some examples on our social media channels in the coming days.

Or visit our Discord’s salt mines.

Special Moves in the 3D Environment

Okay, this one is a doozy. Easy things first. 2 new special moves have been implemented – you might want to go check them out. We’ve also changed the in-game UI and it’s now showing cooldowns.

3D in-game UI

Don’t worry guys, we are still working on this. TitanBorn is still in alpha phase. It will get much better, very soon!

Another big update is the way we approach animations with respect to hit boxes and colliders. We don’t want to reveal too much of behind the curtain mechanics, but suffice it to say that what we’ve implemented will allow us to tweak each animation’s elements separately: preparation, execution, recovery.

Balancing will be a breeze (comparatively speaking)!

Dodge This, Dodge That

Tumble-to-win? More like trouble-to-win jajajajaja…

We’ve fixed the way dodge would orient you and a million other things about that animation. Go into the arena and check out how it feels for yourself. It’s a little difficult to explain. It has that certain… je ne sais quois.

Vids to come on our social media channels soon!

Coming up next…

We have plenty more to showcase in our Discord and on social media. In the meantime, keep playing the demo and giving us your feedback. That being said, here is what we plan to work on in the following two weeks:

  • Making the gameplay feel as smooth as possible
  • Normal attack damage and stagger
  • Special moves behavior

TitanBorn championship is coming back in big style. Get ready!

Until then,
Game on, Titans!