TitanBorn Season 4

Season 4 is finally upon us! Titans have tested the 3D gameplay and we’ve ironed out the kinks. What remains is to launch another epic competition, sit back, and enjoy the action in arena.

We think that’s just what we’re going to do. Here’s what’s up.

The Matches

Competitors will fight in the Missions Mode only. A different AI opponent awaits you in each of the 8 levels of the mode. 8 different opponents, each one harder than the previous. As you near the final stage, the point rewards for defeating opponents increase. Should you lose, you only get the points from the opponents you managed to defeat. The final opponent brings the most points by far, so it’s really worth pushing all the way through. There is a 3-hour cooldown for re-attempting the mode!

In short, to enter the competition:

  1. Sign up on TitanBorn website
  2. Play Missions Mode
  3. Earn increasingly more points the farther into a Mission playthrough you go
  4. Rinse and repeat to your heart’s content. Points are applied to the leaderboard automatically.

Speaking of leaderboard positions…

The Prizes

First things first, the champion’s crown:

  • 1st place takes 100 USD in $GAMEFI and bragging rights!

But we don’t want to let the effort and skill of others go unrecognized. So 2nd to 30th place will receive the following:

  • 2nd place – 60 USD in $GAMEFI
  • 3rd place – 40 USD in $GAMEFI
  • 4th place – 30 USD in $GAMEFI
  • 5th place – 20 USD in $GAMEFI
  • 6th – 30th place – 10 USD in $GAMEFI

But that’s not all! We will raffle additional rewards:

  • 50 random participants will get 10 USD in $GAMEFI

Remember, to officially enter Season 4, and get the chance to at least win that 10 USD in $GAMEFI, you need to play at least one Missions Mode match.


Season 4 begins on Tuesday, March 19th at 4:59 PM UTC.

Season 4 will end on April 18th.

You have one month – good luck!