Season 1 recap

TitanBorn Season 1 Championship: A Triumph of Skill and Strategy

We aim to establish TitanBorn as a groundbreaking phenomenon in the realm of esports. With its inaugural championship, Season 1, our flagship game has captured the hearts of players who helped us etch its name in the annals of competitive blockchain gaming history. This landmark event featured a total prize pool of 1 ETH, a thrilling 30-day challenge, and left all of us craving for more.

1 ETH Total Prize Pool: Where Dreams Met Rewards

The TitanBorn Season 1 Championship boasted an impressive 1 ETH total prize pool, signifying our commitment to reward exceptional talent and dedication. It’s a testament to the belief that players’ skills should be celebrated and compensated.

The Champion’s Crown

The pinnacle of achievement in the TitanBorn Season 1 Championship was clinched by the top player – ANTHYLU, who walked away with a remarkable prize of 0.1 ETH. This hefty reward was a fitting tribute to the winner’s mastery of the game and their undeniable skill.

80 Winners: A Broad Spectrum of Talent

While the top player enjoyed the lion’s share of the rewards, we didn’t stop there. In an inclusive move, 80 other winners were awarded. This included the top 30 players who demonstrated their expertise securing the top positions in the leaderboard and an additional 50 players chosen at random. We appreciate and encourage all levels of participation in our community.

30 Days of Challenge: A Month-Long Adventure

The championship spanned an exhilarating 30 days, providing players ample time to showcase their prowess. We are pleased with the duration and will aim for the similar window of time in the future seasons.

60,000+ Matches Played: A Battlefield of Epic Proportions

Throughout the championship, over 60,000 matches were played. The sheer volume of gameplay highlighted the dedication and enthusiasm of the TitanBorn community. It was a testament to the game’s ability to keep players engaged and craving for more. All the games played also give us plenty of material to take into account when testing and balancing our flagship game.

250+ Players Participated: A Growing Community
The championship attracted over 250 players from all corners of the gaming world. This diverse and dynamic player base underscores the global appeal of TitanBorn and its capacity to bring together gamers with a shared passion. It is a good and healthy base we aim to expand upon in Season 2.

A Resounding Echo of Positivity

One of the most heartening aspects of the TitanBorn Season 1 Championship was the flood of positive feedback. Overall, the event was well-received, setting a very good stage for the future of TitanBorn. Community participation ranged from climbing the leaderboard itself to helping us discover bugs and exploits and keep the game fair.

A Sneak Peek into the Future: PvE Towers Mode and Season 2

TitanBorn isn’t resting on its laurels. The future holds exciting developments as the game is set to introduce a new mode based on PvE Towers. We promise a fresh and captivating gaming experience!

In conclusion, TitanBorn Season 1 Championship was a resounding success, setting the stage for even greater accomplishments in the world of esports. With a substantial prize pool, an array of winners, and a growing community of players, TitanBorn has established itself as a force to be reckoned with. As we look forward to the new PvE Towers mode and Season 2, it’s clear that the game’s full release is on a very good track.