Telos partnership


We have some amazing news regarding our flagship project. Those of you who’ve been with us since the early days know how hard we worked and how far TitanBorn has come. The rocky road of indie development has led us through various partnerships and epic milestones and now we come to you with the most exciting news in months:

Revenant is proud to announce a huge partnership with Telos Foundation!

This cooperation is a cornerstone for the future of TitanBorn. The $100,000+ grant that we received will not only help us finish the game, but also secure a strong public launch of the game and a new premium token for TitanBorn on Telos.

But don’t sweat – Revenant is still committed to the original mission and the original chain. We’ll explain this further in the upcoming article and lay out our plan to onboard the OG Titans into this new framework.

We are thrilled to enter a partnership with the like-minded team of Telos and are very thankful for the recognition as well as financial, advisory and marketing support we will receive from Telos Foundation.

“I was impressed by the openness and really human approach of Telos team during our negotiation period. I’m excited about our cooperation and I’m sure together we’ll bring a top-notch gaming masterpiece to life. I know that together we will push the envelope not only for our ecosystems, but the whole Web3 gaming!” – says Franz Cavatorta, the CEO and co-founder of Revenant studios.

As Justin, the representative of Telos Foundation put it: “We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Revenant Games in bringing their highly anticipated game, TitanBorn, onto the Telos Chain. This partnership leverages the Telos Chain’s robust and scalable blockchain technology, ensuring unparalleled performance and security for our players. TitanBorn reimagines the classic arcade fighting experience, inspired by legends like Mortal Kombat, Tekken, and Dark Souls into Web3. Now, your victories, achievements, and items truly belong to you. By integrating with the Telos Chain, we are committed to delivering an innovative and seamless gaming experience with enhanced transparency and player ownership. Stay tuned for more updates as we work together to bring TitanBorn to the gaming community.”

So, what’s next?

Many, many epic things. But first, we need to introduce what this partnership means to the community. To that effect, following this announcement, we’ll do things in the following order:

  • Update our roadmap to communicate our exciting next steps more clearly
  • Publish the “Revenant: Next Steps” article where we will also explain how we’ll onboard our OG supporters
  • Hold an introductory AMA with Telos
  • Organize a quest-campaign
  • Organize a special free-to-join competition with prizes

Don’t worry, you will find these on all our social media channels. We’ll make sure you don’t miss it.

Stay tuned!