Right after our epic Telos partnership and grant announcement, we are ready to go into more details of what’s going to happen next. Things are moving fast!

First, we must stress that the timing is quite condensed and we’ll be moving quickly this summer to finish and release TitanBorn with main on-chain features and a token.

Thanks to the Telos Foundation grant, we now have a perfect opportunity to complete the game at the quality we had always envisioned and launch it in a friendly, supportive environment. 

So, we’ll launch TitanBorn on Telos first, and the Metis version will follow.

The Updated TitanBorn Timeline

The current plan for the game is the following:

August: Alpha

  • Towards the end of July / beginning of August, we will launch the Alpha version of TitanBorn on the testnet;
  • During the Alpha stage, we’ll test the main game loop and see how things work on-chain, while developing the beta version in parallel;
  • We will also hold an engaging level-achievement competition during the Alpha.

September-October: Beta

  • At the end of August / beginning of September, we will launch the Beta version on testnet with advanced features and more balanced gameplay and economy, building on the lessons learned from the Demo and Alpha period;
  • We will work with the Beta version for around two months, while collecting feedback and polishing the game ahead of a full commercial launch.
  • As soon as the game is complete, we’ll launch the play-to-airdrop campaign. This will happen around mid-September / beginning of October.

November+: the Full Commercial Launch

  • The full commercial launch on Telos is planned for November 2024;
  • We will launch TitanBorn on Metisfollowing our progress on the Telos network.

But What About the Token(s)?

Here’s the plan. 

First of all,, we will launch a separate game economy on Telos with a new token called $TBORN. Here are the high-level details: 

  • In August-September, we’ll hold a private round;
  • In October, we’ll hold the public round;
  • After that, the token will launch on DEXes.

The current $TITANS token will stay as is on the Metis network and we’ll “activate” it once the game is live on Metis. 

For Current $TITANS Holders

The current holders of $TITANS will receive: 

  • Airdrop of the new $TBORN token; 
  • Privilege to participate in the new $TBORN token launch in the first row;
  • A set of valuable items (game passes and loot crates) for the TitanBorn in Telos.

This way we will bring the maximum value to all of our community members, ensuring that we’ll deliver a great game and the best experience!

Game on!