Battle of Olympus Ares' Lore

Today we are discussing Ares, the ancient Greek god of war and courage and a prominent character of our upcoming play-and-earn game, Battle of Olympus. This sneak peek comes with both Ares’ lore and information about his followers, the NPCs you will most often fight.

  • Ares in Greek mythology
  • Olympus, the city of gods and anger
  • Ares’ hounds of war
  • About Battle of Olympus

Ares in Greek mythology

Ares was the Greek god of war, violence, and courage. He was the son of Zeus and Hera and was one of the twelve Olympian gods. The Greeks worshipped Ares as a deity who personified the brutal aspects of warfare. He was often depicted wearing armor and carrying a spear or a sword. Ares was also known for his unpredictable nature, acts of violence, and bloodshed.


Despite being powerful and fearsome, Ares was not universally beloved. Many Greeks saw him as a disruptive force and believed his worship could bring misfortune and chaos.

Olympus, the city of gods and anger

Ares’s name is carved on several monuments in Olympus. The statues tell both the story of his exploits and triumphs and the evolution of a once-mere-mortal into an Olympian cybergod. The skillful hand of the archivists of Marble Corporation has erased his human name long ago, allowing him to shed the last vestiges of mortality and humanity.

He now towers over mortals and casts a long and broad shadow. The sleek lines of cyber tech implants follow his mighty frame naturally, yet their polished shine announces him from far away. The fire that burned brightly and wildly in his eyes once has quieted lately. Until very recently, he was confined to his fortress garrison in District 0. Zeus and the other gods tried to keep him occupied there, lest he interfere in the day-to-day life of Olympus, which was now very peaceful. Too peaceful and too quiet for his violent rage. Without a proper challenge, Ares was quickly becoming bored and his outbursts of frustration threatened to spill over the walls of his fortress garrison and into the streets of Olympus like wildfire.

When he had heard the news of Prometheus’ rebellion, joy and rage kindled a fire in him no one had ever seen before. His retinue could finally breathe easier and stop tiptoeing around the cybergod. Once more, the hands would reach for lethal weapons to shake off the dust. With renewed purpose and call to glory and valor, the servants of Ares marched out the gates closed shut. They walk to the beat of his heavy step and do their bloody work in silence. His angry cries give voice to them all.

The gendarmerie of District 0, his once loyal retinue had nearly forgotten his presence. In his judgment, in performing their peaceful daily duties, they grew lax and soft. The other gods had ruined his mighty warriors. When he was done cleaning the house in the gendarmerie quarters, only the promising ones would remain. With renewed zeal to prove themselves to Ares, they would set out to do his bidding.

The SPEAR units gladly welcomed their founder and mentor. Few in Olympus could boast that a cybergod himself had a hand in their selection and training. The fire in their hearts was easy to rekindle and an elite strike force soon set about waging war.

Many in Olympus were enthralled by the outpouring of now mostly forgotten might and sheer power. Eager to prove themselves to Ares and join the great wave of his army, they gathered in a fraternity. Rekindling the old, mythical traditions of tests and initiations, they desperately tried to match Ares. Many failed, and many even lost their lives. Those who came through would march up to Ares and offer their black banner to him. Surprised by this act, amused Ares let them join. Once he saw their fanaticism and thirst for violence and glory in combat, they would quickly become his favorites.

Like before with his SPEAR troopers, he would once again shape mortals to wage a glorious war. This time, he would be uninhibited by other gods and their pathetic ideals. They would be perfect warriors, not toys of the Marble Corporation.

And so, a wave swept over the streets of Olympus, eagerly tearing down anyone who would oppose them. The ruins left behind them were their monuments, reminding everyone of the true might of gods.

Ares’ hounds of war

District 0 Gendarmerie, or D0Gs

These are Ares’ original troops. A long time ago, they were an elite special-purpose unit tasked with defending Olympus both from the threats within and without. As Olympus never saw much actual warfare, asserting its dominance and security through technology and scientific progress instead, the D. 0 G. were pacified over time. There was simply no place for savage, bloodthirsty, and glory-seeking warriors in the utopia they were building. Over time, in Ares’ view, other gods and their policies ruined his glorious unit and he abandoned this little project. The history of the unit remained and the historical connection with Ares was never completely severed. When Ares finally came out of his fortress the other gods had diplomatically imprisoned him in, he first turned to the D. 0 G. and set about restoring their former glory.

Special Purpose Escort, Assistance, and Reconasaince Trooper, or SPEAR trooper

This is another Ares’ project. In an effort to pacify Ares and his troops over time, the other gods had to make some concessions. SPEAR troopers are the result of a joint project of Ares and Athena. They were meant to both embody valor and prowess in combat, but also suppress the more violent urges. They were an attempt by the other gods to put a leash on Ares’ followers by emphasizing strategy and skill over sheer power. For one reason or another, it didn’t seem to have worked. Though SPEAR troopers were rarely deployed, the violence they wrought still bore the mark of Ares. Not even Hades’ “cleaners” could erase all traces of it. As soon as Ares returned to the public eye with an ambition to wage open war, SPEAR troopers fell in line and marched in lockstep with their founder.

The Fraternity of Uncompromising Retaliation and Immediate Elimination of Subversives or Ares’ FURIES


These are the volunteer wing of Ares’ host. Some disgruntled Olympians see violence as the answer to all their problems. They seek to prove their zeal and become worthy additions to Ares’ units. According to their ideology, a great purge is the only answer to both the Promethean Crisis and the incompetence that brought it about. The new world will have to be carved out by violence. Although not the best-trained unit, they far supersede the first two in number. They have won Ares’ favor through their fanaticism and with his training may soon become the most dangerous force in Olympus.

About Battle of Olympus

Built on a play-and-earn model, Battle of Olympus is a cyberpunk arcade-style fighting game set in the futuristic city Olympus. Conquer your rivals and grow your followers to become the next leader of the gods. Choose to play for free or mint your NFT to progress through the story, compete in PVP battles, and rise to the top of Olympus.