Dev Diary #4

Welcome to the Battle of Olympus Dev Diary, a series dedicated to giving the community a behind-the-scenes look into the lives of game developers. It’s been a while since our last entry and with the Battle of Olympus token sale about to take off, this is an excellent opportunity to update the community on what we have been building!

In Dev Diary #4, we’ll hear from our new Game Director Josh Cabrera about the latest developments in Battle of Olympus, primarily on one of the foundations of any game – the attributes system!

  • A little bit about our new Game Director Josh
  • On to the meaty stuff – Attributes!
  • What’s this got to do with the core loop?
  • The exciting future

A little bit about our new Game Director Josh


I have always looked at games as a form of art. Games are one of the ultimate expressions of one’s creativity, forward-thinking, and innovation. I have always fantasized about being part of the team that creates games and when the opportunity came up to work with Revenant, I was quick to grab it!

Ever since I picked up my first Nintendo Entertainment System, this is definitely one of my passion interests of being part of the game development team. I have played countless hours of games from all genres. I have experienced both buying and selling in-game items and accounts way before blockchain existed. I have worked with many developers along the way both building and promoting amazing projects. I speak to both the gaming community and the game dev community on a daily basis to share the latest trends and best practices. 

I am excited to bring and share the culmination of more than 25 years of gaming experience as a gamer, marketing professional, and certified game producer to help my teammates at Revenant make Battle of Olympus as strong as possible for our community!

Onto the meaty stuff – Attributes!

Zeus with sword

We needed to develop a simple and easy-to-understand attribute system for your fighter. Game attributes refer to the various characteristics or properties of a player, character, or game object. They can be modified or influenced during gameplay. These attributes can affect gameplay mechanics such as movement, combat, and abilities.

The first attribute sub-category that you will be focusing on is Fighter attributes. These attributes are essential in all fighting games such as Battle of Olympus and can be critical in determining a player’s success in-game progression. In our game, you have identified three key Fighter attributes: Health Pool, Energy Pool, and Attack Power.

The Health Points attribute represents the amount of damage that a fighter or NPC can take before being defeated. It is a crucial attribute in any combat game and factors such as weapons, armor, and abilities can affect it.

The Energy Points attribute represents a character’s ability to perform special moves and abilities during combat. It can be depleted by using these moves and abilities, and it can be replenished over time or by performing specific actions such as defeating an opponent.

The Attack Power attribute represents how much damage a character can deal to opponents during combat. It is affected by factors such as weapons, abilities, and upgrades. Attack Power is a key factor in determining a player’s success in combat.

Attributes that affect a gear or weapon

Fighter attributes out of the way – on to the gear! We created an attribute system for the weapons and armor you have come across from one of our posts on Twitter or Discord. These attributes can really turn the tide of the battle. Some mechanics we are dabbling into are:

Items that give you more HP, EP & attack power
Items that give you regenerative/degenerative properties to help you win your battles
Items that give certain debuffs that enable you to get a bigger edge over your opponent

We will reveal more soon and are excited to share more information!

What’s this got to do with the core loop?

Creating attributes and mechanics helps determine your chances of victory throughout the game. It gives you better prepared for what is to come for both PVE & PVP. In some cases, it is an indicator of your persistence and hard work in building the most powerful fighters in Olympus! It also has a huge impact on all game modes and especially your armor and weapons in the game.

More and more weapons and armor are being developed every day. These key attributes will determine not just your fighting chance. They could potentially establish the value of your gear on the NFT marketplace in the future. These attributes are the foundation of why an item is a lucrative investment for players to grind or buy either from another player or from the Olympus shop.

The exciting future

With these attributes defined, there is a lot of flexibility for both the game and players to build on. We will see the huge influences of this mechanic on NPCs, the strength of your fighter, and what makes your item powerful. It determines how valuable or rare your item is in some instances and enhances the value proposition of the game beyond gameplay. We are excited to share more soon!

Until then, see you in Olympus!