Battle of Olympus Gameplay Mechanics

The reactions to our official Battle of Olympus announcement have been truly inspiring. Revenant is glad our community is enjoying the website and trailer. More importantly, we realize the community wants more. Anticipating that, we prepared a small reveal of the mechanics and animations for Battle of Olympus.

The Basics

We decided early on that we will take a “less is more” approach to mechanics. Battle of Olympus will be played on three buttons, not counting the movement commands. The three basic commands – punch, move, and rage – will play into many possible combos when coupled with movement commands. We’re looking at about two dozen possible combos in total.

Similar to Tekken, there won’t be a command for blocking. Instead, the characters will auto-block when idle. The players will have to step away from simple button-smashing and consider their opponent’s rhythm a little more seriously.

As for punch and kick, we kept these simple. A punch is faster but weaker and will serve you well in certain situations, while kick, which is a heavier but slower hit will be a better choice in others situations.  In combination with other commands, they form a layer of complexity that separates players who are masters of timing and concentration from simple button-smashers.

Early on, this is what all the animations look like. It’s important for us to make the motion look as natural and fluid as possible, because we are creating a fighting game. Later on…

When we get the animation just right, we apply textures and effects so that we end up with a product that closely resembles this. Animations need to flow well into the next so that combos also look natural. This animation is close to what we are aiming for, but this is by no means a final version. We are thinking of these animations as Alpha version and there is still work being done that will be revealed in the near future.

Rage is the third component of Battle of Olympus’ mechanics. It’s a meter that fills up by the player executing combos and dealing damage to the opponent. This bar can be spent by executing less taxing combos, but the player can opt to wait for the bar to fill up completely for more powerful combos.


Followers are a way for us to tie the lore of the game and its world into the mechanics. Which followers you choose to bring to a fight to cheer you on will determine a small subset of special moves you can perform in that battle. This will be true both in the Player versus Player (PvP) and Player versus Environment (PvE) modes.

The Bosses

The Gods of Olympus are not easy to defeat and only a determined challenger will uproot them from their thrones. Securing followers and any other additional edge is the key to victory.

Controller Support

We’ve already mentioned in our announcement article that Battle of Olympus will be compatible with controllers. You will be able to play Battle of Olympus with any controller you can plug into a desktop PC. Most importantly, because of the simple, yet elegant nature of the three-button mechanic, there isn’t really an advantage of a keyboard over a controller or the other way around. It’s truly down to a player’s preference and skill.

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About Battle of Olympus

Battle of Olympus is Revenant’s first game. It’s a cyberpunk arcade-style fighting game set in the futuristic city Olympus. It’s built on a play-and-earn model, so that you can earn $GAMEFI while you play!