Battle of Olympus Special Moves


In our last article we covered the fighting styles and mechanics of Battle of Olympus broadly. Now we’re giving particular attention to special moves and combos as an aspect of fighting in Olympus.

Special Moves

We’ve explained that to use special moves, players will have to build up rage. Rage meter is filled by hitting the opponent, executing combos, or taking damage. Both gods and players will have a repertoire of 4 special moves. Players will unlock special moves by customizing their gear, which will be tied to followers. So, it’s possible to end up with one special move from Zeus, two from Hades, and one unrelated to gods. In that sense, you are building your own set of moves before you enter the arena.

Combo Chain

Special moves are the cherry on top. Regular hits and combo chains will make up everything in between. Learning combos and where and how to apply them is the key to winning. Some combos will be harder to execute, but may provide additional advantages like getting situational priority. This basically means that damage won’t interrupt all combos.


Learning and adapting to different challenges will be a major part of strategy in Battle of Olympus. This is why we opted to give players the opportunity to build their own move sets, so as to add an element of preparation and planning to the game. It will also make Battle of Olympus fun to play again especially for players who are completionists or those who seek additional challenges and want to make a run using a particular move set.


All the principles and mechanics described above will hold true in PvP. Players can bring all the moves they unlock and master into the PvP arena! Therefore, different metas and play styles will take shape. We can’t wait to see how the players will shape the game.

See you in Olympus!

About Battle of Olympus

Built on a play-and-earn model, Battle of Olympus is a cyberpunk arcade-style fighting game set in the futuristic city Olympus. Conquer your rivals and grow your followers to become the next leader of the gods. Choose to play for free or mint your NFT to progress through the story, compete in PVP battles, and rise to the top of Olympus.