In Battle of Olympus, players will continue to fight their enemies through different game modes using their punch, kick, and special attacks. Some of this has already been showcased in the demo, but we will cover all of it in this article, future updates included.

The special moves are a very important aspect for Battle of Olympus. We’ve already shown a glimpse of this in our previous mechanics article. But what’s the difference between special moves and rage?


Rage is a resource you can fill up by hitting your opponent, completing successful fighting combinations, and even taking damage. When the meter is full, you can deplete it and use special moves on your opponents.

Special Moves

In Battle of Olympus, special moves can be used once enough rage has built up. These fighting moves cause a lot of damage to your opponent, and use a portion of rage per special move.

Gods’ Special Moves

Each god has their own fighting style. For example, Zeus hits hard and fights like a brawler, while Hades has slick and dirty street fighting moves. These personal styles will force players to adapt their strategies and take on each god with a different mindset.

The Combat

We’ve mentioned before that Battle of Olympus draws inspiration from certain predecessors in the fighting games genre. This, in part, affected the selection of martial arts to be featured in the game. One other aspect was their popularity and use in real life. We wanted to make fighting in Olympus as intuitive as possible. Therefore, if you’ve had at least some experience with boxing or karate, you will notice some principles applied.

The Mechanics

Despite the various sources of inspiration for the moves and combos, we felt it was important to keep the basics simple. In Battle of Olympus, you will be able to execute all combos through three control keys.

While trying to stay true to the spirit of various martial arts, we couldn’t lose sight that we were making a game. That’s why we made sure the flow of combat would not be interrupted by shifts in styles, so players can seamlessly connect combos and meld styles the same way godlike fighters would!

Some of the martial arts which gods deemed worthy of mastery include kickboxing, street fighting, karate, taekwondo, muay thai, and krav maga. The personality and character of a god determines their preferred fighting style and which martial arts they employ.

Wrapping Up

In Battle of Olympus, players can develop their own fighting style and unique combat flow through mastering combinations. Players will customize their combo sets through slots with a selection of basic and combo moves, as well as rage specials. Bringing different gear into each fight will open various combos and specials. So far, the reactions to the demo and the early access announcement have surpassed our expectations. That’s why we will continue to give you more information about Battle of Olympus. Certain updates will even make it into the demo as we hit game development milestones. The demo will continue to be a way for us to communicate what is being done for Battle of Olympus throughout the project life cycle.

See you in Olympus!

About Battle of Olympus

Built on a play-and-earn model, Battle of Olympus is a cyberpunk arcade-style fighting game set in the futuristic city Olympus. Conquer your rivals and grow your followers to become the next leader of the gods. Choose to play for free or mint your NFT to progress through the story, compete in PVP battles, and rise to the top of Olympus.