TitanBorn - Dev Diary #11

Welcome to the TitanBorn Dev Diary, a series dedicated to giving the community a behind-the-scenes look into the process of creating a game from the perspective of the game developers.
In Dev Diary #11, we’ll tell you all about what we’ve been building for the past 2 weeks:

  • Balancing… boooooring
  • New UI
  • Towers (PvE)
  • Coming up next…

Balancing… boooooring!

Alright, lets all get it out of our system and admit – crunching the numbers is boring. Tweaking the cooldowns is boring. But it’s necessary. It’s what makes or breaks a game – especially a fighting game. So, ahead of our first TitanBorn championship, that’s exactly what we had to sit down and do for hours on end, to make sure the game is as fun, fair, and competitive as possible.

New UI

Out with the old, in with the new!

Due to the rebrand into TitanBorn, everything got an overhaul. It’s a whole new website, check it out if you haven’t already because you live under a rock like a weirdo and haven’t heard us and everyone else screaming about this on social media and our Discord. You weirdo.

We didn’t just play with the website. The game itself had to fit the fresh TitanBorn brand, so now when you play the (once again updated) demo, lots of things will be different. Here’s just one example.



That hat goes so hard.

For even more of these, make sure to follow the project’s social media and join the Discord!

Towers (PvE)

We’ve already bragged about bringing a fully fleshed out PvE mode to TitanBorn previously, and lots of progress has been made. In terms of design, obviously, but also with respect to game design and flow. We don’t even need to mention balancing, do we? Don’t make us talk about balancing again, or we will!

Anyway, this is where we are, at the moment.

TitanBorn PvE map

We won’t reveal too much just yet, but we are working on several variations of the mode that will affect how you move through the 8(or however many we may rebalance it into)-stories towers.

All we can say for now is: We think it’s close. It’s coming soon.

Coming up next…

Not as much flashy stuff to show as in some previous Dev Diaries, but such is work in game development. We have plenty of that ahead of us and we’ll showcase it in our Discord and on social media. In the meantime, keep playing the demo and giving us your feedback, and even more importantly, join the championship! We are following the conversation closely and using your insights to tweak the game.

That being said, here is what we plan to work on in the following two weeks:

Until then,

Game on, Titans!