TitanBorn Season 3 recap

TitanBorn Season 3 Championship: Surmounting New Heights

TitanBorn Championships have become a regular thing for us now and we managed to stabilize various processes. Season 3 saw much less issues than previous two, and we expect Season 4 to go even smoother. This will be important, because the game elements we are introducing in the following days will absolutely launch TitanBorn to the next level. Maybe even 2 levels above.

Depends on how well the floors are constructed.

In any case, the season was a testament to the game’s successful evolution and a growing and loyal community.

1k $GAMEFI Prize Pool: Our Commitment to Building a Strong Competitive Environment

Season 3 boasted a substantial 1000 $GAMEFI total prize pool. We remain committed to honoring exceptional talent and dedication. We strongly believe in recognizing players’ skill and rewarding all contributions to our project is our core value.

The Champion of Season 3

This time, we are crowning leonline as the winner. We are happy that the leaderboard is a dynamic space list, featuring new names as well as the veterans. The previous seasons’ two champions managed to earn high placements, but no one can sit on their laurels. We can’t wait to announce the champion of Season 4. Will we see a double crown or a fourth name? One thing is for certain, many challengers appear and the competition is often neck-to-neck.

Rewarding the Newcomers

Acknowledging the broad spectrum of talent, Season 3 celebrated not only the top player but extended rewards to a diverse pool of winners. The top 30 players were joined by 50 randomly chosen participants. Onboarding remains a cornerstone of our community ethos – and this season saw a lot of it, thanks to our outreach team (not everything is about you, game devs!).

A Month-Long Gauntlet

Spanning a whole month over the year’s major holidays, Season 3 provided players ample time to showcase their expertise and compete at the highest level. This duration keeps resonating with the community, so we are not looking to change that in the coming Season 4.

Epic Battles: 150,000+ Fights!

Season 2 saw 50k matches. Season 3 brought a staggering 300% increase! This immense, rapid growth is also reflected in our social media following. Our project is finally beginning to get noticed – and just in time to make our impending launch smooth and strong. In the meantime, we’ll keep working to provide the cutting edge gaming experience to capture the inflowing audience and make them fall in love with blockchain gaming.

Engaged Playerbase

According to the numbers we are seeing, players spent as much as 4 hours grinding. Given that one round of TitanBorn is 2 minutes long, that adds up to…. a lot of matches. We’re not good with math.

Jokes aside, we see an engaged and rapidly growing player base. We will think hard about how we can keep this energy going into the coming Season 4.

Expanding Horizons: Embracing Diversity and Growth

Our player base grew to a whopping 8000 players this season, which is a 400% increase since the last one! We continue to attract a worldwide audience from nearly all regions and will keep working hard to reach even more gamers via strong incentives, sound game design, and marketing efforts. The larger the family – the greater the fun! It’s all about the family.

Family is key.


Family. Yeah.

Community Feedback and the Future

This Season “vibed” well with the community and we are happy to say had less hiccups than the previous ones. We encourage all our players to keep opening support tickets in our Discord and reporting bugs, especially exploits, to help us foster a fair competitive environment.

In conclusion, we will remember Season 3 as a time of amazing growth. Our player base is skyrocketing and our incentive system is working as intended. We have some exciting game elements to introduce and having a large and engaged player base to (stress) test it will be the key to its implementation. One thing is for certain. It will not be boring.