This Week In Revenant 24 - 28

We want to start this week by thanking you. Thank you to everyone for joining last week’s AMA with MetisDAO, signing up for early access for Battle of Olympus, and playing the demo over the weekend! Revenant is experiencing amazing growth through Battle of Olympus and we can’t wait to share the things we are preparing for you in the following weeks.

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Fighting is a major aspect of Battle of Olympus, which was touched on in our article on animations. It’s due time we talked about fighting styles that Battle of Olympus will feature. From the traditional karate to more modern boxing, we’ll cover it all, so get ready for a deep dive.


Special moves are a central part of fighting games. Therefore, we’ll provide an overview on this topic to prepare you for what we will implement in the demo in the future, and eventually in the full version of Battle of Olympus. Certain combos will simply require skill and learning, while you will need correct timing and preparation for others. More on this on Wednesday!


Friday game nights are back to stay. This Friday, as before, it will take place at 9:00 PM. This week’s options are up for the community to vote on.

The weekly community content schedule

This week is very focused on the game itself. Make sure to play the Battle of Olympus demo to experience all the elements we will discuss in this week’s articles.

  • TUESDAY, OCTOBER 25, 2022
    • Fighting styles of Battle of Olympus article
    • Giveaway Winner Announcement
    • Fighting Special Moves of Battle of Olympus article
  • FRIDAY, OCTOBER 28, 2022
    • Community Game Night

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No matter what comes at you this week – Go get ‘em!

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