Battle of Olympus - Player factions

We are returning to Olympus to take a closer look at a very important aspect of Battle of Olympus – player factions. As we’ve talked about from the beginning, Battle of Olympus will contain both PvE and PvP elements. We also want to ensure that the two aspects of the game flow into each other, creating a clean, seamless experience. Player factions will enable us to provide another high-level competitive element while telling the story of Olympus. Here is what we have in store for both of those elements.

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  • A two-headed Hydra – the lore behind Promethean factions
  • The New Order
  • The Ascendants
  • Seasonal gameplay

A two-headed Hydra – the lore behind Promethean factions

The events surrounding Prometheus’ revolution came at lightning speed. Even gods who were unprepared for this move couldn’t get ahead of him. Prometheus managed to gather competent followers and set everything in motion. No one, from the most humble denizen of the lowest levels of Olympus to Zeus himself high atop his tower, ever suspected that the statues, landmarks, and public spaces would be so defaced.

This blatant act of rebellion and defiance sparked other spontaneous outbursts of violence and general lawlessness. With no one to unite the movement and gods too busy trying to piece together what happened, the rebellion’s chaos quickly spread. For a few long hours, it seemed like no one was in control at all. No one had a plan. No one knew who was leading the Olympians or where they were headed.

Then, the gods apprehended Prometheus and his closest circle. They publicly showed the captives and promised a swift end to this chaos. But soon after, delayed moves of Prometheus’ plan began to unravel. Now everyone was slowly attaining godly powers.

This horrified the gods, but they could do very little in terms of politics. The news of Prometheus’ capture came and went, and the movement could no longer be beheaded. They had missed their chance of quieting this rebellion early on, outplayed by Prometheus, who knew them all too well.

The fight is not over yet. Gods work tirelessly at containing the information breaches and apprehending and punishing any who decipher Prometheus’ messages and try to jury-rig godly technology. The Olympians, on the other hand, work endlessly to crack the secret vault of knowledge Prometheus had left them.

For every techie-rigger and hacker gods strike down, two or three more take his place, and they seem to only be improving at it.

Two paths lie ahead of the Olympians now. Will they look for strength and wisdom within, and seek to master these secrets themselves? Or will they look back at the work of Prometheus and try to decipher the next move?

The New Order

The New Order takes its name from a brief message in one of the graffitis that defaced Zeus’ statue: “The New Order replaces the Old just as surely as the Sun sets and rises.” They are a loose group of Olympians who believe Prometheus had already done enough. He was only human, after all. In their view, he had done all he could to crack open the door – now it was up to them to climb into the light. While they celebrated his act, they generally abandoned all research of his cryptic messages in pursuit of new applications of the blueprints he had shared. They focus all their effort on experimenting with and testing new gadgets and technology. The progress is slow because godly technology far supersedes that which was recently attainable to mere humans. The New Order’s method involves much trial and error and experiments. Only the sheer amount of followers and their enthusiasm push the limits of human achievement daily.

The Ascendants

The Ascendants take their name from a brief but rousing speech Prometheus left as a message in a hidden digital vault. While some Olympians were happy to run off to explore the shiny new toys Prometheus had given them, the Ascendants stumbled upon hidden messages. They are those Olympians who believe Prometheus’ plan is much more profound than had seemed at first. The Ascendants search for more messages and instructions hidden in his works. They analyze the graffiti and seemingly simple vandalizing messages and cross-reference them against the depth of humanity’s knowledge in search of hidden meanings, advice, and clues. The Ascendants believe the true punch of the revolution is still hidden and that careful study of Prometheus’ messages will reveal their next steps. They are secretive and more willing to sit back, observe, and learn from the goings-on. They weave intricate theories and make meticulous plans, opting to act only when their effect is decisive.

Seasonal gameplay

The two factions are competing against each other for their respective objectives and interests. Meanwhile, they are still working roughly towards the same end goal – the toppling of gods. Gods will be an ever-present danger, but the path forward for Olympians is not clear. It will be up to the players to decide which position to take and see that storyline through. In addition to the seasonal rewards, players will experience the struggle for Olympus through a unique philosophical perspective and even have access to faction-exclusive content.

About Battle of Olympus

Built on a play-and-earn model, Battle of Olympus is a cyberpunk arcade-style fighting game set in the futuristic city Olympus. Conquer your rivals and grow your followers to become the next leader of the gods. Choose to play for free or mint your NFT to progress through the story, compete in PVP battles, and rise to the top of Olympus.