Epic Games Illuvium

In a groundbreaking move, the Epic Games Store is set to feature the revolutionary Web3 game, Illuvium, on November 28th. This strategic alliance is poised to expose Illuvium to Epic’s colossal user base, comprising over 180 million players, while marking a pivotal moment for blockchain gaming within one of the industry’s largest marketplaces.

Illuvium: Pioneering Blockchain Gaming in the Mainstream

Crafted on the Ethereum-based Immutable X platform, Illuvium stands as an open-world RPG that leverages NFTs and blockchain technology to forge a seamless cross-game experience. Players embark on a journey to capture enigmatic creatures known as Illuvials within the immersive 3D adventure mode, “Overworld.” These NFT assets become invaluable resources in exhilarating strategic battles within the “Arena.”

Epic Games has expressed their commitment to this innovative concept, stating:

“We utilize Blockchain to unify assets across our games, pioneering an interconnected blockchain game universe. Most in-game assets are NFTs, ensuring your ownership and freedom of use.”

The Thriving Landscape of On-Chain Gaming

The domain of on-chain gaming has witnessed remarkable growth, with its user base expanding by a staggering 6% month-over-month, culminating in over 750,000 unique active wallets as of August 2023, according to data from DappRadar.

A Game-Changing Partnership

Epic Games envisions that the inclusion of Illuvium within its platform will not only bolster Illuvium’s user base but also introduce the innovative concepts of Web3 gaming to a multitude of new gamers. The seamless integration with Epic’s auto-update features will empower Illuvium to channel its focus on development rather than the often cumbersome task of maintenance.

A Ripple Effect Across the Gaming Industry

The ripple effect of blockchain gaming and NFT technology has extended its influence to other major publishers, including Electronic Arts, Sega, and Ubisoft. Each has revealed plans to integrate blockchain technology and NFTs into their future titles.

A Flourishing ILV Token

The excitement surrounding Illuvium’s monumental step into the mainstream gaming world is evident with the ILV token’s impressive 20.7% surge in value over the last 24 hours, as reported by CoinGecko.

The Positive Ripple to Revenant and TitanBorn

The inclusion of Illuvium on Epic Games’ platform is not only a win for Illuvium but a positive development for blockchain gaming as a whole, including gaming projects like Revenant and TitanBorn. These games can benefit from the increased exposure and legitimacy that Illuvium’s introduction brings to the blockchain gaming sector. Furthermore, Revenant, being the first decentralized gaming ecosystem on the Metis network, offers a suite of gaming-oriented services, from a launchpad to an NFT marketplace. TitanBorn, on the other hand, is set to redefine the arcade fighting game genre with its customizable heroes and real-world rewards.

In conclusion, Epic Games’ collaboration with Illuvium marks a significant milestone in the evolution of blockchain gaming. With innovative use of NFTs and blockchain technology, players can anticipate a gaming experience that transcends traditional boundaries and empowers them with true ownership of in-game assets. As the industry continues to evolve, blockchain gaming is poised to reshape the way we perceive and interact with virtual worlds, leaving an indelible mark on the gaming landscape.