Battle of Olympus - Dec 5 - 9

Team Revenant was at DCENTRAL Miami last week. We shared our amazing experiences and hinted at the good things to come in a recap article. Be sure to check it out to say in the loop. We also revealed major lore elements for Battle of Olympus in a dedicated article that included the tone and pillars for the game’s story.

Coming This Week


We have been invited to participate in an AMA hosted by Onlyburns, the first ever crowd-funded burn project that is bringing the Curve Wars to buyback and burns, creating a new way for projects to create price appreciation on their tokens or NFTs, for an AMA session at 7 PM CET. We’ll talk about our upcoming flagship game, Battle of Olympus, and what lies ahead for Revenant.


We are deep into the game production for Battle of Olympus, so we have lots to share. We are launching Dev Diary, a new article series published every two weeks, that will provide additional updates on our progress and showcase our work on the game. The fun starts this Wednesday in our first-ever issue, Dev Diary #1!


Having an engaging environment is key to making a successful game. A high-quality game environment design helps develop a coherent world, attention-grabbing levels, and allows players to better understand the story.This Thursday, we will publish an article about the concepts behind the battle arenas in Battle of Olympus.


We are moving our bi-weekly gaming night to Saturday to accommodate the wishes of our community. Be sure to vote for your favorite game to be played this time on our Discord by Thursday!

The weekly community content schedule

There is a very busy week ahead of us, including an important AMA and lots of content about Battle of Olympus. We hope you can keep up!

  • Monday, DECEMBER 5, 2022
    • AMA session with Onlyburns at 7 PM CET.
  • Wednesday, DECEMBER 7, 2022
    • Battle of Olympus Dev Diary # 1
  • Thursday, DECEMBER 8, 2022
    • Battle of Olympus – The fighting arena concepts
  • Saturday, DECEMBER 10, 2022
    • Game Night at 10 PM CET