Battle of Olympus - The Story

After reading multiple articles about the different fighters in Battle of Olympus, you should already get a feel for the atmosphere and setting for our upcoming game. Now, we would like to expand upon this subject to provide even more information. Even if we’re making an arcade fighting game, we wanted to ensure it had the context and feeling it and the players deserved. The story of Battle of Olympus will also reflect our love for the cyberpunk and sci-fi aesthetic.

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Olympus, city of gods and anger

The city of Olympus wasn’t always a battleground of gods. Gods built the city so that its citizens would be free from the petty conflicts of the world. They could devote themselves to progress on all fronts and the results were astonishing. Gods governed Olympus for a century, building the city from the ground up. Diseases were cured, lifespan and general human potential pushed beyond the limits thought possible, and many scientific breakthroughs transformed both Olympus and humanity. Olympians were happy.

Its recent 100 year anniversary was a celebration of peace, stability, justice, and human achievement.

But the cracks were showing. The neighbourhoods in Lower Town the city were slowly getting squashed by the high rises in High Town. Those who led lives of abundance knew little of the struggles of those less fortunate. In their opulent lifestyle, they became blind to the rising inequalities. People started undergoing hack jobs just to keep up. Not all of that tech was safe or even legal. A whole population of rejects and misfits was formed, right under the nose of the elites of Olympus. The gods bickered back and forth about what to do, but nothing was changing. They appealed to their followers and made public statements. Nothing changed.

Then Prometheus took the matters into his own hands. He frequented the dark parts of Olympus and saw the future of Olympus. No one was truly listening to these voices. No one listened even when Prometheus tried to speak. Everyone was too focused on their plans and some grand future, blind to the human cost that was mounting. They never meant to solve the problems of Olympus. Prometheus felt they were treating the Olympians as mere pawns in their machinations.

Prometheus’ rebellion

So he took the matter into his own hands. Prometheus stole the secrets of gods, the cyber and nano technologies used to build Olympus, and gave them to humans, mere mortals, citizens of Olympus. He freed them from subtle machinations built into the nano-tech, releasing them from influence no one even knew was there. Citizens learned that the gods were covertly manipulating humans through the very tech they gave them. Prometheus was swiftly and severely punished, but the floodgates were open.

The humans now possessed the secrets of the gods and sooner or later someone would master them. That’s when the real war between the gods started. Hades and Poseidon felt it should all come tumbling down. They accused Zeus of hypocrisy and blamed him and Athena for how Olympus turned out. In the end, they wanted a complete reset, no matter the human cost – some kind of a New Olympus.

Zeus called for order and rallied the humans and gods that would listen. Explaining the need for gods to keep secrets he promised pardons and leniency to those who willingly lay down this new tech and called on his followers to fight for Olympus and save it from destruction.

The two sides became entrenched and a stalemate ensued. A perfect balance was struck and no one could carry the day. These nights, every soul truly matters. Every tiny action seems like it could make a difference. Even a single well placed strike turn the tide.

As it’s slowly crumbling, Olympus is alive more than ever.

The gods

Most people don’t remember their real names. Everyone recognizes that they were once human, just like them, but their exploits and history are woven into myth. As Olympus grew, so did their powers. In time, they were barely recognizable as humans. They have become more nano-tech and cyber-implants than flesh. No one can yet come close to their power and mastery that borders the supernatural.

Mere sighting of a god means danger is afoot. Olympians have learned to run if they see one. Drones flock to the location like vultures and everyone’s soon glues their faces to screens as they watch the fight unfold in awe. Some watch with fascination and glee at the sheer fun of the violence, others with fear and worry as the life they built in Olympus disappears with each passing night.

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About Battle of Olympus

Built on a play-and-earn model, Battle of Olympus is a cyberpunk arcade-style fighting game set in the futuristic city Olympus. Conquer your rivals and grow your followers to become the next leader of the gods. Choose to play for free or mint your NFT to progress through the story, compete in PVP battles, and rise to the top of Olympus.