A Familiar Gaming Experience

Battle of Olympus was chosen to be Revenant’s very first game release, as it’s connected to our passion and nostalgia for the arcade and fighting games we grew up with. After giving you an exclusive sneak peek in our last post, we felt it’s only natural if we next shared a little about concept and story. Most of our development and design team played countless hours of fighting games from a young age! It’s no wonder Battle of Olympus took inspiration from Street Fighter and Tekken. If you like the rush that came with these titles, you will feel right at home with Battle of Olympus’ unique gameplay. For the newcomers to this genre, expect an experience that remains true to the old classics with a futuristic twist of modern gaming. The perfect way to get a glimpse of the golden age of games.

A Game Focused On “Funtertainment”

We wanted to create something that would be fun to play, but also have a lot of depth and strategy. Battle of Olympus’s primary focus is to create a fun and entertaining experience that you can enjoy with your friends! We decided to treat the earning aspect of our plan as an extra premium feature, this way we could prioritize the playability of our game.

A Novel Take on Classic Fighting Games

The story behind Battle of Olympus is another thing we are passionate about. Our goal was not to just churn out a carbon copy of a previous title. Instead, we create a novel take on the all-time great games we all hold near and dear to our hearts. After all, in the words of our Game Designer, some lifelong friendships were forged during the countless hours spent playing these games. In Battle of Olympus, you will encounter several engaging characters in our original take on a cyberpunk city of the future.

Building our first game for Revenant’s decentralized gaming ecosystem inspires us to create a stand-out project. We really wanted to make it unlike anything else on the Metis network and in the GameFi sector in general. Characters of Battle of Olympus are directly inspired by Greek mythology. You can fight with gods such as Zeus or Hades, or even better – You can create your very own unique god to challenge the seats of power of Olympus.

We wouldn’t want to spoil too much of what’s in store! In the meantime, we’ll be hosting our AMA on Revenant Twitter Spaces tomorrow at 3pm CET! Make sure to attend to learn even more thrilling updates about the work we’re doing for Battle of Olympus.

See you there, Revenants!

About Revenant

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